Laurie May, LCPC, MS

This business of being a human being can be tough!  Life throws twists and turns at us and it is our job to evolve and to find meaning in our lives, ultimately finding a sense of purpose and joy.  

A Note From Laurie

My hope as a clinician is to help more clients to have more insight into their lives, and to help them to empower themselves. In therapy I hope to hold up a compassionate “mirror” to my clients so that they can move towards health and growth.

Why I Became a Therapist

Having formerly been a teacher, I became a counselor because I was interested in human potential, helping people to discover how they tick, and where they have come from. 

What I am Passionate About


I am particularly passionate about helping college-aged students, new mothers and adults in their second stage of life work through the challenges of life circumstances and changing relationships. As a middle aged clinician myself, I know that the "second act" of life can be both a confusing and soul searching time in which children have grown and we need to find new roles and new passions for ourselves. 



Education & Training:

MS Clinical Community Counseling, Johns Hopkins University

Counseling & Wellness Collective

6600 York Road, 110

Baltimore, MD 21212