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School Consults

There are times when the social emotional behavior of one student affects another child or other children so greatly, that it seems nearly impossible to be an effective teacher. In these situations, school counselors are often called in to assess, evaluate response and create a behavioral plan. In the case that your school does not have a school counselor, or that this classroom needs more a individualized plan and time than is available, we are here for phone and in-person consultations. Generally, we will do a brief call beforehand to discuss the issue, followed by an in-school observation. This observation is most helpful when punctuated with a meeting with teachers to discuss strategies that may be helpful to this child, the teachers and the other students. Please fill out the form below to get more information on whether this could be a helpful service to your school or classroom. 

School Consults

Trainings & Professional


Trainings and professional development for teachers are currently being held on Zoom.

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