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Perinatal &
Maternal Mental Health

Online & In Person Therapy
in Lutherville-Timonium.


Our society likes to believe that pregnant women, should be filled with joy, gratitude and intuitive maternal love. Frequently woman who do not feel this way are left to wonder if there is something deeply wrong with them. They may be concerned that they are not going to be good mothers because they do not feel bonded to the baby or grateful for their changing bodies. They may be questioning: 

“What kind of mother am I?” 

“Why am I not excited to be pregnant?” 

“Is this depression going to harm my baby?”

“Why is it that I feel so disappointed in my birthing experience?” 

At Counseling & Wellness Collective, We know how to treat what you are going through. We address thoughts and how those lead to behaviors and ruminations. We walk with you through the scary parts of an identity shift into motherhood. We validate your feelings around trauma and fears/ concerns and acknowledge that the changes happening within you can be intimidating, big, joyous and terrifying.

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Perintala & Maternal Mental Health
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