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Confident Woman

A Connected, More Fulfilling Life...

We're so glad you're here.


Many people who arrive at our site are at a complicated, difficult and vulnerable time in their lives. You may be looking to better understand challenging relationship dynamics or find ways to cope with the daily grind of raising a family. You may have just experienced a traumatic life event. You may be wondering if you are enough as a partner, parent or child.


Continuing down this road alone often leads people to feeling isolated and afraid. Haunted by worry and filled with self doubt, they move through their days with a sense of dread. Am I enough? Am I loved? Am I doing this right? 


But you are here, searching for a different road, for someone to walk beside you on your journey to connectedness and fulfillment. 

In arriving here, you have taken the first step toward making things better. You can do this! 

We see people get stronger every day.

We know you can too. 

The next step is to reach out. Let us help.



Come as you are ...

Counseling and Wellness Collective is an all-embracing environment for clients and clinicians. We believe that everyone’s therapy journey is as unique as they are and we are here to support whatever that may look like for you on your path to a connected and more fulfilling life. 

Our clinicians are well-versed in culturally sensitive and responsive care. We receive ongoing training to ensure we are culturally competent and aware of the unique challenges faced by diverse populations. Our practice is a safe and affirming space for individuals of all cultural backgrounds, identities, and orientations.

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