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Living a happy, healthy, and balanced life requires embracing your core identity. Achieving a healthy sense of self often means questioning cultural and societal ‘norms’ in an effort to live an authentic life that serves you and speaks your truth.

It's normal to feel lost ...

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It’s normal to struggle when you are questioning your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Coming to terms with a life that is considered ‘different’ by some can be a scary and lonely path, especially when it doesn’t align with the ideals of family, friends, community, or more importantly, your own.

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How you might be feeling...

In our experience, people tend to seek help when they are having difficulty processing, understanding, adapting to or questioning their sexual and/or gender identity.  You might be feeling ashamed, afraid and alone. You may fear that you will be judged by family, friends and peers. Coming out and accepting your true self can be a scary process but it can also be very freeing and liberating. Whatever you may be feeling or experiencing, you don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you are questioning, embracing, or struggling, we're here to help.  

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How We Can Help


If you are a parent or caregiver who’s helping a loved one through the coming out process - we applaud your commitment and allyship during a journey that can be very confusing without adequate support. Current data suggests that family and caregiver support is a reliable predictor of positive mental and physical health outcomes for LGBTQ+ identified individuals.  We can help you support your loved one in a variety of ways including family and individual therapy sessions.

We have a passion for serving all members of the LGBTQ+ community with a specific focus on gender dysphoria, coming out issues, and skills related to navigating their new community. We are here to validate and support you throughout your journey.

Reach out now, let us help. 

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