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Emotion Focused Therapy

Building better emotional awareness and allowing yourself to feel all of your emotions - (yes, even the uncomfortable ones!) can allow you to resolve issues within yourself and/or your relationships. 

Anx Anchor

What is EFT? 


Emotion Focused Therapy suggests that your emotions are an important part of your identity. Your emotions provide you with important information that can act as a guide when it comes to decision making. Becoming more aware of your emotions can help you to better regulate and cope - allowing you to have a healthier relationship with yourself and others.


EFT can also be an effective approach for partners dealing with infidelity, past or present traumas and/or if one or more partners suffer from PTSD, addiction, depression or chronic illness.

The Benefits of EFT

EFT can improve relationships between partners by restoring physical and emotional bonds. It can also mend family relationships and be used to treat individuals. EFT is beneficial for partners that are struggling with conflict and/or poor communication. Benefits include: gaining a better understanding of your need as well as your partners, and learning ways to cope with, regulate and reshape your emotions.

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To feel it is to heal it!

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