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Self esteem and confidence levels have decreased with an overload of portrayals of the perfect life/perfect body on Instagram and Snapchat. It’s easy to understand why young people feel so isolated and lonely, as they are the first generation who have been subject to consistent critique, immediate feedback via likes and 24 hour access to what their friends are up to. Being responsible and independent, but also under the rules and expectations of parents, can create challenges that seem insurmountable.

Living in Connected Isolation


Frequently, teenagers seek help when they recognize that they are exhausted, have difficulty focusing, are easily irritable, disconnected and feeling angry, sad or anxious. You may frequently find yourself scrolling social media without even being able to acknowledge how you got onto the site. You feel overwhelmed with anxiety about posting something on Instagram or Facebook, or you are scared or anxious to go to school. When at school and/or home, you feel sad and alone.  

Anx Anchor

How you might be feeling...

Adolescents are also at a point in life where they are considering who they are, what they want to become and how they are perceived by the world. 


Understanding and accepting your own identity is a difficult task for people of all ages, but exceptionally challenging during the teenage years when we are also looking for unconditional love and validation. The transition into adulthood for many young people is challenging. Applying to college, completing adult-like tasks, taking on bigger responsibilities all play a role in the complexity of this period of life. 


How We Can Help


The truth is that you deserve to live a confident, full, calm, happy life where you can be yourself, surrounded by people who really love you for who you are. Our therapists can help you achieve your goals of processing and understanding emotions, patterns of relationships and thoughts that lead to behaviors. We work with you on what you feel is important to help you understand that you are in control and have power over your life. We are on your team and will help you advocate for what you need, want and believe in. 


We know that it’s hard to be a teenager right now. That this time in your life will likely be full of growth and social challenges. We also know what it’s like to get through it, and we know how to help with some of these challenges - we do it everyday.

Reach out now, let us help. 

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