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Let's Get This Party Started...

Photo of Field of Flowers

In the name of ripping off the bandage, we are starting an official Counseling & Wellness Collective blog. We have posted a few things before, to support our clients, but this is meant to be a more consistent place for us to post information, resources and nuggets of joy. Below you'll find a list of some content that will be available over the coming weeks and year. We are looking forward to this new part of our work and hope that it can help make a difference for someone. Please reach out to us if you'd like to coordinate on a post - we are always looking to collaborate with other people who are invested in the path toward healing people.

Some things we will be posting about over the next few months include:

A New Year

  • 2020 Takeaways: What We Lost, What We Learned and How to Move Forward

  • How to Handle The Stress of the Holidays

  • Do or Don't: New Year's Resolutions

  • How to Start and Keep Healthy Habits


  • Tricks to Overcoming Anxiety about "What I Should Have Said"

  • Mindfulness in Action


  • Best Resources for Pregnancy and Postpartum Support in Baltimore

  • Birth Anxiety and Mindset

  • Preparing for the Postpartum Period

  • Postpartum Separation Anxiety - Transitioning Baby To Their Own Room


  • Red Flags for Parents around Depression in Teens

  • What You Can Do At Home to Help Stabilize your Child's Anxiety


  • Tips for Communicating Effectively in Relationships


  • I lost a Baby, Can Life Go On?

  • Tips from Those Who Have Lost A Parent

What else would you like to hear from us about? Please tell us!


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