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The Benefits of Working With an Out Of Network Therapist

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Whether you just started thinking about therapy, or have been for awhile, navigating your search to find a therapist can seem daunting. Most of the time, unless you've been referred by a physician or someone you know, you may not even be sure where to start. The search can be especially difficult now, with increased wait times for mental health providers nationwide. The good news is, you have options! You're more likely to find a therapist with availability and tailored to meet your needs or requested specialities, if you are open to working with an Out Of Network therapist!

What Is The Difference Between In Network and Out Of Network Providers? As an Office Manager who speaks with inquiring clients daily, I understand firsthand how intimidating it can be to hear the words 'Out Of Network'. What most people are surprised to learn is how similar In Network and Out Of Network benefits really are! The most obvious difference is that with In Network providers, you pay a copay (if you have one), wait for insurance to pay out their portion, and then you pay the balance. With Out Of Network benefits, you pay the full amount out of pocket and then submit a monthly statement (also known as a superbill), to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Using Out Of Network benefits, usually makes finding a therapist much easier. Instead of being restricted to a list of providers given to you by your insurance company, you'll be able to search beyond your insurance network. You'll also be able to search for providers based on specialty or preferred therapeutic approach. For example, if you're looking for play therapy for your child, or for therapists that are trained in EMDR, you'll simply search by specialty or modality.

Appropriate Care Without the Waitlist. We understand that finding the appropriate care and in a timely manner, is paramount. With Out Of Network providers, you're less likely to run into lengthy waitlists and more likely to be scheduled with a therapist by the end of your intake call. In addition, most practices have an administrator that is happy to help with all superbill related questions!

We also understand that the thought of 'out of pocket costs' can seem overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be! We recommend our clients use a reimbursement app such as 'Reimbursify' to get claims reimbursed - this makes it easier to submit and track claims being submitted for reimbursement to insurance companies.

As Out Of Network providers, rather than hanging out on hold trying to process claims, we're able to focus on doing what we love - therapy!

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