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The 'Why' Behind Working with Counselors in Training

You might lean toward an experienced and fully licensed therapist when starting therapy. Still, there is another avenue you should explore: working with a counselor-in-training. These individuals are in graduate programs, gaining practical experience under clinical supervision at their sites and university.

Here are a few reasons you may consider choosing a counselor-in-training to support you on your mental health journey:

Affordability and Accessibility:

Interns often offer pro bono, reduced rate, or sliding scale services. They also usually have a range of hours and availability.

Supervised Support

Interns are supervised at their internship and at their university. After each session, they continue to seek guidance and support, gathering new perspectives and approaches to ensure they meet the client's needs.

Up-to-date Learning

Interns spend many hours learning how to be the best clinician they can be. They typically spend extra time learning new theories and techniques and how to effectively apply their knowledge to each client they work with.

Eagerness and Enthusiasm

Interns are usually highly motivated to learn and improve their skills. They are likely to be enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed to helping their clients, which can result in a solid therapeutic relationship.

If you are considering working with an intern, consult with their Intake Coordinator to see if they may be a fit for you!


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