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What Have You Been Doing For Your Mental Health?

It's 2021, the year I have jokingly (but seriously) been referring to as "the year of the therapist." If 2020 was the year of the nurse and the teacher, this has to be the year for mental health. After all, the collective trauma of the past year has left people feeling: on edge, riddled with anxiety hopeless, unmotivated, burnt-out, exhausted, over-worked, depressed and socially isolated. So, in the name of 2021 - what have you been doing for your mental health?!

Here are the best answers I've heard recently....

  • Cut out screen time and replace it with books

  • Start a meditation practice

  • Begin using affirmations

  • Go on a walk

  • Take up adult legos, puzzles or coloring books (a mindfulness activity!)

  • Learn something new

  • Start birding (I'm serious...)

  • Create a nighttime routine

  • Start a gratitude journal

  • Stretch in the morning

  • Play "Fair Play" with your partner/ housemates...

  • Get outside, no matter the weather

  • Join a book club, article club, soup club, wine club -- something social!

  • Write a letter (handwritten!) to someone that you appreciate

  • Join a support group

Paying attention to our mental health this year is a must. We've been through a lot, now let's refocus on ourselves and connect with those we love. It's time to start thinking about life beyond quarantine and how we can regain our mental strength. So, what have you been doing for your mental health recently? We would love to hear!


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